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From this point forward until the 21st please make every attempt to enter scores as games are played. Scores not reported could be scored as a forfeit. If you are the away team and know the score - report it.

The season ends on Saturday 10/21/2017. All games not concluded for whatever reason will not be scored or forfeit by the home team. All games should be reported no later than 6:00pm for game starting at 4pm or later on the 21st. You must report game scores as they occur throughout the day so we can determine as soon as possible if we need to schedule a Sunday playoff game on the 10/22/17 at Hopewell.

To be clear if there is a tie for a birth into the SAY North Area Tournament we will settle it with a playoff game on Sunday at 2:00pm most likely. If it is a three way tie and two games are required, one team will be pulled from a hat and will get a bye to the second game. The first game would be at Noon and the second at 4:00pm. All trophies will be settled using the tie breaking system which can come down to a coin toss. We only provide one set of trophies for first and second in the fall. This is different than the spring.

Make sure you make provisions now if your 10/21/17 game is critical for the standings. You need to find a place and time to play that day if your scheduled field is rained out. Don't wait until the day of or the night before to get this worked out. Plan ahead. We don't have the luxury of makeups after 10/21/17.

  1. Must be submitted by the district rep
  2. Must contain all of the information on the sample roster on our web site
  3. Must contain jersey numbers for all players
  4. Must designate the HC
  5. Must be on one page
Rosters not turned in at this point are past due. Get them in now. Make sure you and your coaches review all of the Tournament requirements. ie Rosters, Concussion, etc. To be very clear no guest players of any sort are permitted or tolerated. If a team is caught the team will be removed from the tournament and will not go to State and subject to further board discipline. Any red cards issued in the last game(s) will carry forward to the Area Tournament and potentially on to State if so warranted. If you think a coach will not be able to attend you should probably have another one trained (back round check, concussion, times two, etc.) to step in. You can roster up to 2 AC. Times two will be in full force. A time keeper on your sideline is not one of these times two persons. They are there to monitor time only.
Tournament Site
Things change... monitor the website for updates and changes including bracket time and location changes. You and your coaches are responsible to follow the website changes. We do not notify you personally. Thanks for all you hard work and dedication. Let's finish strong!
Field Locations list


Clifton - 369-8036

Deer Park - 792-7275

Evendale - 956-2667

Fairfield - 513-829-0974

Forest Park - 513-686-9356

Greenhills - 513-505-4271

GSSA (Sycamore) -

Indian Hill - 

Kings - 333-5690

Little Miami  - 513-663-5583

Loveland (LYSA) -

LSO (Lakota) -

Madeira -

Mariemont -  

Milford -

Monroe - 513-298-1877 ext. 3 /

MRAA (Ross) - 513-214-8396

Nativity - 369-8036

Norwood - 369-8036

Olympian - 825-2501

Reading -

Sharonville - 513-563-4257 ext.7302

St Vincent Ferrer - 369-8036

St. Michael - 563-4257 Ext. 7302

TCYO (Taylor Creek) - 353-1900  /

Walnut Hills - 369-8036

WCSC (West Chester) -  777-1325

Wyoming - 842-1381

Say Soccer

SAY North Board

Mike Strotman
Vice President
Doug Herkes
Rachel Strotman
Connie Murley
Referee Coordinator
Jim Bolte

District Coordinators

Lakota (LSO)
Shawn Denlinger
Doug Herkes
Rae Buck
Jeff Bieber
West Chester
Connie Murley